Monday, November 19, 2012

Gizmos at Sanborn

One way our class used Gizmos to engage student learning was to have them show their understanding of simple circuits in science.  Students had a BLAST ast making simple circuits and seeing if their creations would light up.  They used the photo function of the Gizmo to take pictures of their custom designed simple circuits.  After playing for awhile, they completed a teacher designed assessment enthusiastically and showed their understanding.  It was a perfect blend of fun and learning!

 Nels Tooker, 4th Grade
D.J. Bakie School, Kingston, NH

The Gizmos my students have used are those aligned with our Everyday Math lessons.  The students have been re-taught concepts they may have struggled with and then use Gizmos to practice the concept independently.  The Gizmos my students have enjoyed are Chocomatic (Multiplication, Arrays, and Area) and Factor Trees (Factoring Numbers).  They also have enjoyed Gizmos during choice time, to play around and get familiar with the website and other Gizmos that are available.

-Nicole Elli, 5th Grade
Memorial Elementary School, Newton, NH

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