Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Laconia School District - Gizmos

Laconia School District - Gizmos

Gizmos have been used in the Laconia School District for a number of years, and are utilized more with each passing year. The visual and manipulative aspects of the Gizmos allow students to see a concept in action and manipulate the simulation at their own speed. Students can talk about the topics while looking at the simulation in action.  This helps them not only with initial understanding, but also with connecting the information with prior knowledge so that they can retain the new information. Which is, after all, the definition of learning.

Student quotes about Gizmos:

“Gizmos helped me see how things worked and went step by step, so it was easier to understand.”

“My favorite thing about science this year was Gizmos!”

“The Gizmos helped me by showing me things we need to see, but can’t do as a lab in class.”

“The Gizmos showed (the topics we were learning about) and made them look less complicated.”

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Gizmo Use at TRS

In grades 5 - 8 all of our math and science teachers are actively using Gizmos as a tech tool in their lessons.  Many teaching models have been employed throughout the building,  students working independently with Gizmos as enrichment, teacher directed lessons for whole classes using the interactive white board and students working through each lesson in a guided practice.

The nice thing with Gizmo is students can take the basic lesson in one of the simulations and then extend that lesson into one of their own.  Teachers love Gizmo because it provides a nice enhancement to their daily lessons.

Here are a few thoughts from students relating to their use of Gizmo...