Sunday, August 5, 2012

     In November of 2011 several teachers from our school attended the Gizmo training workshop.  In January and February we trained teachers at our school and taught them how to log onto and use the web site.  We then introduced it to all the third and fourth grade classes through our science enrichment program.  Individual teachers then used it with their classes.  The students enjoyed using the gizmos and quickly learned how to navigate the site.  They used it in their science classes and for math review and reinforcement.  
One particular lesson I used with my class was the Clown Cannon.  After discussing and practicing measurements on paper the students still had difficulty distinguishing between the customary and English measurements.  They also still needed practice on which measurement to use for which lengths.  The gizmo really made it all more concrete for them.  
We also used it to review and reinforce what we learned in our plant unit.  With Gizmos we were able to take what we learned through growing plants in the classroom even further.  They could quickly grow plants and make changes to certain conditions and observe the results.  It truly completed our unit.   
L. Constantine
Pembroke Hill School

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