Friday, May 11, 2012

Using Interactive Manipulatives in Lebanon School District

What are Gizmos?  Watch this Video

On March 21st our teachers in grades 3-6 were trained by an expert Gizmo trainer on how to set up their class and use Gizmos to help their students learn Science and Math concepts.  We received a Gizmo subscription and expert training through the NH Digital Resources Consortium Grant.  

Here's what teachers in Lebanon, NH are saying about Gizmos

"That was super fun! Gonna try it at noon!" - training feedback

"I love Gizmo! My class is using it now on Monday and Fridays during our mobile lab times in the classroom. Our first adventure is using a line hopper game. We downloaded a hard copy and are recording our answers on them. The kids seem to really like it!" - Grade 3

"I've used Gizmos for both math and science.  The interactive simulations allow for differentiated instruction at it's best as students are able to manipulate the Gizmo in different ways to address their learning needs.  I love it!"  Grade 5

"I just wanted to let you know how much our class LOVES GIZMOS!  They SQUEAL (literally) when I mention the name.  They are eager to go to the lab to explore the newest topic...and the learning is phenomenal!  They "GET" electrical circuits and parallel circuits, and fuses, conductors, and insulators and they got it all from ONE Gizmo!  We've done the plant Gizmo, the electricity gizmo, and rounding, and we're currently working on a symmetry Gizmo.  Thanks for bringing this in to the district!" - Melissa Allen, 4th Grade, Mount Lebanon Elementary School, Lebanon, NH

Video coming soon!

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